LOCATION THIS SALE: Ruston Civic Center, 401 North Trenton Street, Ruston, LA
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  1. If you do not receive a confirmation email once you register to consign or volunteer, please check your spam/junk email.  If you can't find it, email Memrie!  Memrie@consignkoolkids.com 

  2. Website dificulties...ugh!  "Refresh" any page you are accessing to get the latest edited version of the page. 

  3. Consignors:  We are accepting all Matilda Jane - Spring or Fall accepted.  

  4. Cash, Check, Credit, or Venmo accepted when shopping.  *3% charge for credit transactions

  5. Due to limited space, only 15 Junior size name brand clothing items per consignor's child allowed. For instance, if you have 2 teenagers...you can bring 30 Junior clothing items.  Contact Memrie if you have any questions.  Memrie@consignkoolkids.com

  6. Check out the NEW How-To Tag & Price Video

Sale Reminders: 

  1. Schedule: 2 Drop off days and 3 Public Sale days. More sale days = more items sold = more $$$ for our consignors!  Drop off Sunday/Monday.  Presales Tuesday/Wednesday.  Public Sales Thursday/Friday/Saturday.  Click here for Drop times.  Click here for Shopping times.

  2. Popular Benefit to Consigning: In addition to shopping early Wednesday, Consignors ONLY also get to shop the 1/2 price sale early Friday evening from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.

  3. VIP Tagging:  We offer a VIP tagging service for busy moms who don’t have the time or desire to tag on her own! You are required to have at least 50 items to sell and 80% of the clothing items must be specialty name brand clothing. Our experienced taggers do ALL of the work for you!   Click here for VIP Tagging info.

  4. Consignors:  You can expect your drop off to be approximately 20-30 minutes.  The Drop off will consist of Station 1 for Larger Items and Station 2 for Clothing/Smaller Items.  Kool Kids Volunteers will take care of the Larger and Smaller Items for you. After your clothing items are inspected, you will place your clothing items on the appropriate racks to sell.  Please have your clothing items sorted by size and gender for easier drop off! Click here for more information on Drop off.

  5. Consignors:  Pick up time Saturday, March 9, from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.  Checks will be mailed the week following the sale.  Click here for more information on Pick up.

  6. Consignors: Small toys, books, puzzles, movies, DVDs, electronic games, board games and shoes must be written in RED so they will sell for ½ price on Saturday.  Small toys that will be placed on tables need to be written in red to sell ½ price on Saturday. Your larger toys that will NOT fit on a table (bikes, kitchens, etc) can be marked in blue/black ink. 

  7. Jewelry:  Little girls jewelry and teenage jewelry are great sellers!  

  8. Lululemon:  A special section created for Lululemon - Teen/Adult sizes welcome!  

  9. Junior clothes - Due to limited space, only 15 Junior size name brand clothing items per consignor's child allowed. For instance, if you have 2 teenagers...you can bring 30 Junior clothing items. Limit to Junior clothing (teenage) only. Please no adult women's clothing.

  10. Costumes/Dress up clothes are booming!  We will have a special section for these in the middle of the Civic Center at Kool Kids.  This is a FUN section to look through!

  11. Camo Section:  Save it for the Fall/Winter Sale.

  12. Consignors:  PLEASE place the safety pin through your tags Horizontally!  This method is best so the tag does not separate from your item.  

  13. Kool Kids Koupon: Refer a New Consignor and your name will be put into our Kool Kids Kan. Tell your friends to register online and type in your name in the "referred by" area. Prior to our sale, we will draw 1 name from our Kool Kids Kan for Kool Kids Koupons. The winning Kool Kids Koupons may be used toward purchases during this Spring/Summer sale.

  14. Check out the Consignor's Checklist.  It's a GREAT way to get organized.

  15. Spread the word! HELP US HELP YOU sell your items. Share Facebook & Instagram posts to potential shoppers. Print off flyers and pass them out.

  16. Pay close attention to Facebook and Instagram this spring. We will have give-away contests soon!

  17. Consignors: You will be asked to sign a waiver when you drop off your items stating that none of your items are on the Recall list. You can check to see if your items have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  18. If you are unable to personally drop off your items, you can print the contract and send it with whoever is dropping off your items. We will NOT accept your items without a signed waiver.  We will have extra contracts available at during Drop off times.

Remember Our Special Sections:

  • Athleisure: Teen/Adult items welcome! (such as Lululemon)
  • School Uniforms
  • Costumes/Dress up clothes 
  • Camo Corner (Fall/Winter Sale only)

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