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How to Price Items

Kool Kids Consignors price their own items. You may price your items however you would like. Of course, the condition of the item is important. If you were buying the item, what would you pay? You want to make money, but you also want to sell the item. You ultimately have to decide on the price. The following guidelines might help you price your items, but remember the Consignor Golden Rule: Do not sell something you would noy buy!

  • The basic rule of thumb in consignment is to price the item 25% – 40% of the original price you paid.
  • You set the price on all items, so price to sell. Use $1.00 increments, not .50 or .99.
  • Price your items as if you were the buyer, not the seller. What would you actually pay for the item?
  • We recommend that you write your tags in RED. A lot of shoppers look only for the red-tagged items on Saturday, so writing your tags in RED increases the chance that your items will be sold if they are still around on Saturday.
  • Download our Pricing Guide for a starting point of reference.
  • Also check out our New How to Tag & Price Video.

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